Our Business Models

The most unobjectionable business models
Shah Infotech as a Professional IT Solution Providing Company
Significance of the Business Models:


Discover talent.

We SOLUTIONS is a progressive Web & Mobile Software Development Company providing IT solutions since long. It means we pursue different artifices, policies and marketing practices and implement the methods to compensate our client’s requirements or wishes.


Expert analysis.

Our team also can assist you to modify the business models according to your needs in the mutual benefits of yours as well as our organization. However, we try fairly to understand our client’s business process at first glance. Based on it, we suggest them the best business model, which can suit their business processes and budgets.


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In due course, we are providing the certain kinds of the most unobjectionable business models, which may suit our clients, and give them a wide range of options to select the most appropriate one.

Goals of Our Business Models
  • Fundamentally, the business Models of any company or an efficient business is an exposition of how a company or the organization can make money remunerative.
  • However, the business model is using a Democratic characterization of the core values of the business and the different aspects of the organizations. Thus, it helps business to earn profit out of it.
  • The prime goal of our business models is to concentrate on our client's instinctive requirements such as:
  • Identify the Future Scope of the Project
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Time-To-Market Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Post Production Support
Our Core Business Models or Engagement Models

We work on such projects using the technologies and tools based on the different engagement models.

At present, we offer following business models in practice at We Solutions.


We at We SOLUTIONS offer countless IT solutions like

Web Development

Web Designing

Mobile/Handheld Device Applications

Open Source Applications

E-Commerce Applications


We do so base on various technologies such as

PHP and its open source





Hour Based Model or Time & Material Model
When is it ideal?
  • Hourly hiring model is ideal when the project requirements are complex, and the client is ready to take the steering wheel of the project management in the hands whether with the help of our project managers or own wits due to tech-savvy characteristics.
  • Hourly hiring model is ideal when the project requirements are complex, and the client is ready to take the steering wheel of the project management in the hands whether with the help of our project managers or own wits due to tech-savvy characteristics.
  • Of course, once the project gets traction and it is become possible to define the exact scopes, we convert it to the fixed price model or run as hire dedicated resources as per needs and nature of the project.
  • Moreover, the hourly model is the best fit for the maintenance of projects, as it offers flexible working patterns for the developers and rests of the team members.
How does it work?
  • We offer IT services on hour basis where client need to pay according to the hours spent
  • The amount we charge per hour may vary based on the tools and technologies we use in the respective project
  • We have advanced Project Management Software (PMS)
Fixed Costing Based Model
When is it ideal?
  • When the project requirements are obvious, and it is possible to define in project scope documents as well as possible to implement fixed project pricing framework based on the labor and resources involved in the project.
How does it work?
  • We charge for individual projects on fixed cost, which is based on tools and technologies as well as workforce required for it.
  • Therefore, clients can get project delivery on-time and within the budget estimated earlier.
  • Fixed costing based model is highly suitable for the SMBs and startups or entrepreneurs with a limited budget and requirements on the table.
Hire Dedicated Developers Based Model
When is it ideal?
  • When a client is a tech-savvy or B2B nature and want to refrain from the hiring an in-house team of developers. It hires dedicated resources or Offshore Development Center Model that offers the same opportunity on virtual spaces with the same development infrastructure and human resources
How does it work?
  • We offer enough room for the client to select the Hire Developer team members from our Hire Dedicated Resources
  • Client can take interviews, check portfolio, resumes, and apply other methods of selections without any restriction
  • We let client change the developer or designer at any time and replace the new one instead of that
  • We bring all required development infrastructure for the hire developer project, be it hardware, network, software, or servers/cloud services
  • We try to involve clients actively in the development projects using the latest communication technologies and our modern PMS
  • Thus, clients can monitor progress in real-time as well as can add values to their instant feedback whenever required or demand by the team
  • Since dedicated developers are working on the project exclusively, project can easily attain the deadlines and proves highly profitable at the end